Extrusion Coating

Tecnocarta invests in the development of paper or cardboard coupling with plastic films such as PE, PP, PET and aluminum, constantly enhancing the creation of protective barriers.
The company has been set up for the extrusion of biopolymers since 2018, in order to create ever more eco-sustainable products.

One of Tecnocarta’s exclusive production processes enables printing in line with the extrusion phase.
Once the product is made, printed and polythened, the entirety of its surface (inside-outside) can be used as a communicative and interactive space (for example, with QR code and augmented reality).

This extraordinary production innovation lets you anticipate future needs: an increasingly active packaging that communicates all the value of its content and brand.

Flexo Printing

The Tecnocarta printing service is developed exclusively in flexography and ever since 1988, our green identity has led us to use only water-based inks.
In 2019, a new-generation machine entered the production flow, opening new markets with the possibility of printing up to nine colors simultaneously.
Another feature of our production is the ability to perform regularly spaced front + back print.

We use a 100% online check that ensures the quality and inspection of the entire print format:

  • Systematic analysis of the process in real time, in order to guarantee perfect performance every time;
  • 4K-pixel line cameras for millimeter detection on printed or neutral media;
  • Real-time display of the entire format on UHD monitors at any print speed.

At the basis of all your projects is the continuous innovation of our production process.


Thanks to our machinery, we are able to support the customer in the growth and optimization of their production flow.

Together we create value for the end user.


Interior spaces are available to our customers to guarantee maximum flexibility.
Management of call-off orders allows us to speed up the procurement service.
A value stream that facilitates partnerships, improving the purchasing experience.

We will be the partner your business needs.

Are you ready?