From the 70s to 2000

1977 From an idea by Giorgio Tomassini, mechanical technician for the construction and maintenance of the mills, with the help of his wife Antonia, comes to life Cartotecnica Torre: a workshop for the packaging paper production...
1984 Cartotecnica Torre becomes Tecnocarta Sas. The company grows and moves to its current location in Bettona (PG)
1986 Massimo Tomassini joins the company, currently he works as General Manager
1988 Tecnocarta anticipates market needs, focusing on suitability for food contact and environmental sustainability: it is adopted the exclusive use of water-based inks
1990 It increases the area for the production capacity
1991 The enhancement of automation makes its way across the enterprise, boosting investments to increase production capacity and improve the quality of the product
1994 Alessandro Tomassini joins the company, currently he works as General Manager

From 2000 to today

2000 Tecnocarta reaches the current occupied 25,000m² of which 13,000m² covered
2003 It is inserted the step of extrusion coating. Tecnocarta intensifies its existing collaborations that allow to diversify production and to access new markets
2004 Tecnocarta starts to develop paper manufacturing, with the option of lining with plastic films such as PE, PP and PET, as well as aluminum, constantly bolstering the production of protective barriers
2005 Tecnocarta decides to invest in a new flexographic printing machine, enabling the creation of partnerships with multinational corporations and top industries
2006 Tecnocarta wins Best Product Packaging established in Las Vegas by the RPA Retail Packaging Association
2007 Tecnocarta wins “Comunicando - Campagna Pubblicitaria” award
2010 New increase in production capacity from investment in die cut technologies. The company finds access to new markets
2011 Tecnocarta revolutionize the food packaging, make it interactive with inside PE-protect®
2012 A new Tecnocarta’s brand is born: Atelier Tomassini is focused on the packaging market for pastry and ice-cream shop
2013 Tecnocarta wins “L’Umbria che Eccelle”award
2015 Launched commercial synergies for the European market and North Africa