According to tradition.


Creating real benefits for customers through the ongoing development of services and technology.


Since 1977, we have devoted our reliability and expertise to the paper-transformation industry, offering a wide variety of products and services for food and non-food industries. We combine advanced quality with constant innovation, in order to satisfy even the most exclusive requirements with utmost flexibility. The company’s great technical know-how is constantly developed by studying alternative solutions that are ever more effective and efficient. The technologies we use permit processes such as extrusion coating, precision die cutting and flexo-printing. At Tecnocarta, we invest to develop paper manufacturing, with the option of lining with plastic films such as PE, PP and PET, as well as aluminum, constantly bolstering the production of protective barriers. The ethical principles on which our business is based mean that we carefully select our suppliers, so we can always guarantee the best outcome for our customers. Each stage of the productive process is conceived through an environmentally friendly vision. At Tecnocarta, all our human resources have a passion for challenges, continuous improvement and excellence, as we feel that people, the environment and integrity are of capital importance. Our progress has always been tied to the well-being of the community in which we work.