Our choices allow us to respect the environment around us . Every phase of the production process is conceived through an environmentally friendly vision. We don't just work with ITALIAN suppliers who sell ITALIAN RAW MATERIALS, but we also try to source products locally, as we believe in the zero-mile concept. The use of water- based inks since 1988 testifies to our courage and our vision towards a green business.
WCM means World Class Manufacturing, qualification of many of the most important manufacturers of goods and services around the world . It's a structured and integrated production system that covers factory organization as a whole and promotes the systematic improvement and lasting through the assessment and mitigation of all types of waste or loss , applying rigorous methods and shared standards and involving the entire organization in a logic of teamwork . Tecnocarta applies WCM logic to the entire business value chain , taking a path of change that makes the logistics and production process more streamlined and fast , putting at the center of all the safety of workers and the quality of the output.
The territory is the people, its natural environment, its resources , its culture, its economic activities that animate it. From this idea is born our goal to connect the well-being of the land around us to the progress of Tecnocarta, through attention to the traditions and the financing of local initiative. We are born in the Assisi valley and grow along with it since 1977, we do not want to exploit our land, but help keep it for its future generations.